TikTok Video Shows P-Plater Driving 200KM/H in Sydney Tunnel

A P-plate driver has filmed themselves clocking speeds of more than 200km/h while driving through a busy tunnel in Sydney.

Sydney Skateboarder jumps bus TikTok stunt

Skateboarder Jumps Off Sydney Bus Performing TikTok Stunt

Sydney – Australia: A video has emerged of a risky skateboarding stunt using an 11 feet high Sydney bus as

TikTok teen girl stuck in swing

Teenager Girl Stuck in Swing Filming TikTok Video

Oxfordshire – UK: A 14-year-old teenager has gone viral for stuck in swing. Layani Maclean, was at the local park in

TikTok Lymburner dance

This 15-Minute Dance Cardio Workout Has Your Name All Over It

If there’s one thing we’ve gotten out of TikTok, it’s a nonstop supply of bite-size dance choreography. But if you’re not

TikTok truck stunt

Teen Disturbing TikTok Truck Surfing Stunt Under Investigation

Adelaide – Australia: A teenager has been slammed after a disturbing truck surfing stunt on social media app TikTok. The

TikTok shows police shooting

Viral TikTok Video Shows Police Shooting At Two Peaceful Bystanders

In a viral TikTok video posted Monday night, Los Angeles police shoot two peaceful bystanders, seemingly unprovoked. The two men were in

Girls risk death for TikTok dance

Teen girls risk death for TikTok video on castle ruins

Two people took their lives into their hands when they danced on castle ruins 60 foot above the ground. The

Schoolgirls Risk Lives Hanging

Schoolgirls Risk Lives Hanging off a Speeding Train

Two young schoolgirls have risked their lives hanging off the back of a moving train in a dangerous TikTok video.