The purpose of TikTok Death Tracker is to promote awareness among netizens in order to ensure their safety while viewing and posting TikTok content. Unfortunately, there have been multiple reported incidents where TikTok users have lost their lives or injured while filming TikTok videos. To overcome this issue there is a need to maintain the history of TikTok casualties for the sake of awareness. TikTok Death website works like a tracker that explores TikTok fatalities and other relevant stories that keeps TikTok accident, TikTok incidents, TikTok deaths, TikTok injury, TikTok stunt and TikTok challenges details accessible for TikTokers.

How is it helpful?

It is an effort to safe our Gen-Z users who can follow the precautionary measures with respect to their circumstances while shooting a TikTok video.

Why it is necessary?

Although TikTok app is considered as a secured app but it may behaves like a potentially harmful application if TikTok user ignore the terms of service and app usage policy. TikTok app discourage performing stunt or challenges but some TikTokers become victim under the influence of followers or in accomplishment of challenge that sometimes goes wrong during compilation. In order to make TikTok app safe it requires improvement in it’s algorithm, hashtag functionality and app usage policy that will definitely help TikTok to be more safe, secure and reliable app. Furthermore, to enhance user physical protection, an awareness portal like this may produce result-oriented outcome.

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