Egypt: Egyptian authorities have denounced a viral TikTok of a man performing a dangerous stunt at a railroad in the country.

According to Sharjah News, Egypt’s Minister of Transport, Kamel Elwazir condemned the video, which went viral on social media.

Captured by cheering friends, the unnamed man is seen lying in between railroad bars while a moving train passes over him. The man and his pals are then seen celebrating after the reckless act.

Authorities have denounced the video and are looking to arrest the man who made it

We are now looking for him. We will arrest him and we will not leave him.

Kamel Elwazir – Egypt’s Transport Minister

Elwazir confirmed that authorities are now seeking to identify and arrest the parties responsible. The Minister referred to the recent spate of train accidents that had occurred in the country. The most recent happened on Sunday, as at least 11 were killed and nearly 100 killed after four carriages of a train heading from Cairo to the Nile Delta city of Mansoura came off the tracks in Toukh.

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