Konya – Turkey: TikTok craze for popularity led a worker to take bath in a milk tub at a dairy plant in Turkey. This TikTok stunt at a dairy plant in Turkey led to the plant being shut after the bizarre video of him bathing in a tub filled with milk went viral on TikTok.

The 11-second clip shows the worker merrily lying inside a vessel filled with milk. Time and again, he is seen taking a jug full of milk and pouring it on himself.

He was following the TikTok house trend

The man in the video, identified as Emre Sayar, and the one who shot the video have been arrested. The video was recorded in the Central Anatolian province of Konya and shared on TikTok after which it went viral. Following the incident, authorities issued a fine and the plant was shut down for risking human health.

The dairy plant in question was asked to pay a fine and was closed for risking public health. The man, who bathed in milk, was identified as Emre Sayar whereas the man who shared this video on his TikTok account was identified as Ugur Turgut. Both have been arrested.

Ali Ergin – Konya’s Directorate and Forestry

Head of Konya’s Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Ali Ergin stated that they have filed a complaint with the Chief Prosecutor’s Office in Konya against the company and were also preparing to destroy all milk and milk-based products at the plant.

The officials from the company running the dairy stated that Turgut, whose contract was discontinued soon after the incident became public knowledge, did not take a dip in milk but a mixture of water and cleaning fluid. Officials further said the video aimed to defame the company.

Earlier that…

Woman bathing in milk underscores appeal of TikTok houses

The 22-year-old woman partially submerged in a bath of milk and flower petals slowly removes the mask obscuring her face. In doing so, Eloise Fouladgar revealed she was a resident of Britain’s latest so-called TikTok house to 53 million viewers.

It was a typically lavish reveal clip a common promotional video used by teenage and twenty-something creators to announce they’ve moved into luxury multi-million-dollar mansions to make content for social media platforms, and promote brands for the marketing agencies that are picking up the bills.

It’s an all-expenses paid arrangement that sees savvy agencies lease aspirational homes on behalf of young creators with existing fan bases. The luxury pads are filled with branded goods, food and drink, cameras and, on request, helicopters, snakes, or whatever else might lead a dooms roller to pause for 15 seconds.

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