TikTok faces french data watchdog

TikTok Faces Investigation by French Data Watchdog

France’s privacy watchdog opened a probe into TikTok, marking another examination of ByteDance Ltd social media app TikTok, which is facing

TikTok steals kids’ data

Class Action Lawsuit Claims TikTok Steals Kids Data

Twenty lawsuits have been combined into a unified federal legal action against short-form video app TikTok over allegedly harvesting data

Australian intelligence agencies investigate TikTok

Australian Intelligence Agencies Investigating TikTok Over Security Concerns

TikTok is facing intensifying scrutiny in Canberra, with intelligence agencies putting the app under the microscope and some MPs pressing

TikTok access kids data

Nothing Stopping TikTok From Accessing Kids Data: CyberGuy

In an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend, Knutsson explained that a 2017 cybersecurity law ensures that any technology company based in China essentially becomes an arm

US senators urge Justice Department to investigate TikTok

US Senators Urge Justice Department to Investigate TikTok Ties to Beijing

Two US Senators Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, and Josh Hawley, a Republican wrote to the U.S Justice Department on Thursday

TikTok under scrutiny

TikTok Under Scrutiny in Australia Over Data Privacy Concerns

Sydney – Australia: Australian government is scrutinizing the TikTok platform for any risks it may pose to users from around

South Korea fines TikTok

South Korean Authority Fines TikTok Over Children Data Protection

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC), the country’s telecommunications watchdog charged the TikTok company 186 million won – around $155,000 for

DNC warning on TikTok security

DNC Issues Another Warning on TikTok Data Security

The Democratic National Committee reiterated a warning to Democratic campaigns, state parties and committees about the security risks of using

TikTok banned in Hong Kong

TikTok Pulls Out of Hong Kong Over National Security Law

TikTok announced plans to pull out of the Hong Kong market amid uncertainty around the controversial national security law. In light of recent

TikTok Death BlackLivesMatter

Turkish Privacy Watchdog Launches Probe into TikTok

Turkey’s privacy watchdog has launched a probe into TikTok following media reports the application poses high risks to users’ data. The Personal