TikTok data privacy investigation

Denmark Investigates TikTok for Possible Privacy Violations

Denmark’s data watchdog has opened an investigation TikTok to determine whether the it is complying with European privacy rules. The

TikTok access clipboard privacy

TikTok to Stop Accessing User Clipboard Content After Being Exposed by iOS 14

Apple has introduces a new user privacy feature in iOS 14 that gives users more control over data access. One

TikTok security privacy violation

Security Expert Raised Concern Over TikTok Data Security and Censorship

An expert has raised concerns over how consumer data is being used by social media application TikTok, after the Chinese-owned

TikTok Death BlackLivesMatter

TikTok’s Kids Safety Control Feature Getting Noticed by Lawmakers

TikTok has released a new family pairing tool to help parents and kids stay safe. It allows you to customize

TikTok leaking user draft

Is TikTok Secretly Publishing Users Draft Videos Without Permission?

When you’re filming a TikTok video whether it’s your response to the latest dance challenge making the rounds or a lip-sync to

TikTok death Boogaloo weapon

TikTok Criticized For Contradictory Policy on Boogaloo Videos

Content that promotes the extremist boogaloo movement has proliferated on the social media platform TikTok even though the company prohibits