Oracle Wins TikTok US operation Beating Microsoft
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Oracle Wins Bid For TikTok’s U.S. Business, Beating Microsoft

Oracle Corp. won the bidding for the U.S. operations of the video-sharing app TikTok beating out Microsoft Corp. in a

TikTok gives bonuses to employees
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ByteDance To Gives Bonuses To Employees Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

TikTok owner ByteDance announced on Tuesday it would hand out cash bonuses to employees working to help it overcome challenges

Oracle join race to buy TikTok’s U.S. operations
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Oracle Enters Race To Buy TikTok’s U.S Operation

Oracle has entered the race to acquire TikTok, the popular Chinese-owned short video app that President Donald Trump has vowed

TikTok deal with UnitedMasters
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TikTok Announces First Music Distribution Partnership Deal With UnitedMasters

TikTok announced its first music distribution partnership, with indie music distributor UnitedMasters. The deal will allow artists on TikTok to

Facebook launches Instagram Reels, a TikTok clone
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Facebook Launches Instagram’s Reels, A TikTok Clone

TikTok’s 15 seconds of fame isn’t over yet, but leave it to Instagram to pop up with a notification and divert your

ByteDance establishing TikTok headquarter out of the U.S
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ByteDance Considers Establishing TikTok Headquarters out of The U.S

London – UK: ByteDance is considering establishing a global headquarters for TikTok. ByteDance has only confirmed that it is considering

TikTok worth $50 billion
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ByteDance Investors Value TikTok at $50 Billion in Takeover Bid

New York / Hong Kong (Reuters): Some investors of TikTok’s parent company ByteDance seeking to take over the popular social

Facebook offers money to lure influencers from TikTok to Reels
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Facebook Reportedly Offers Money to Lure Influencers From TikTok to Reels

As the U.S. is considering banning TikTok, the short-term video app faces another challenge, Facebook-owned Instagram is launching its short-term video functionality

TikTok $200 million for US TikTokers
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TikTok Announced $200 Million Fund For U.S TikTokers

TikTok announced a $200 million fund to support ambitious creators who are seeking to turn content creation into their livelihoods.

TikTok UK headquarter office
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TikTok’s UK Headquarters in Doubt Amid US Pressure

TikTok’s plan to base its international HQ in the UK has been thrown into doubt following pressure by Washington over