Egyptian authorities have arrested another TikTok influencer after a lawyer accused her of prostitution.

Ashraf Farhat said Manar Samy was sharing immoral videos with the aim of attracting attention and earning money.

The video she shared shows Manar dancing on a beach with her dog with pop music playing in the background.
Here is the immoral video. Nothing immoral about it at all

Manar’s detention is the latest in a string of immorality arrests targeting women as part of the Egyptian regime’s crackdown on social media.

The Cairo Misdemeanours Economic Court said she had violated family values and principles, a popular charge leveled against social media influencers.

Egyptians under President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi are witnessing an unprecedented crackdown for a wide array of alleged offences. Women, who were largely left alone and seen as a red line under previous administrations, have also been rounded up and imprisoned.

Source: MEMO

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