California – US: Cops are alerting of a potentially-dangerous challenge that has spread across U.S. neighborhoods. which encourages others to kick in the doors of homes.

Door kicking challenge involves young people kick someone’s door as a popular Kesha song “Die Young” plays, and then run away.

The challenge could turn deadly if the owner defended their home with violence

The prank began in college dorms, but is popping up in neighborhoods where it presents safety concerns.

We don’t want students harmed and we don’t want community members to overreact. Homeowners have been angry that their property was damaged and they have called our dispatch center and asked us to respond. You can see why this activity could be scary to a homeowner who could think it’s a real home invasion. Parents can help their children understand they should not participate and we also want the community know they shouldn’t react with a violent response.

Jennifer Pritchard – Petaluma Police Department

Pritchard has been using social media and school contacts to warn against the random door-kicking. A child in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was arrested in November and accused of doing the door kick challenge on multiple homes in one neighborhood.

One of the neighbors said her husband was at home recovering from open-heart surgery when the child kicked their door, the news outlet reported.

A pastor’s front door was damaged in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, by a person doing the challenge at his home.

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