The latest dangerous death-defying challenge on TikTok is called death diving. Diving enthusiasts jump off massive heights, sometimes over 80 feet in the air, in an attempt to perform the greatest death dive.

The death diving jumps called dødsing originated in Norway

TikTok videos of people jumping from great heights and purposefully bellyflopping into the deep blue have gone viral as people across the world are discovering death diving.

Asbjorg Nesje, a young woman from Norway, is responsible for several viral videos in which she can be seen catapulting herself off high surfaces. Her most recent dive alone has gathered 42.5 million views.

The death diving trend carries a warning: Do not attempt

People are evidently mesmerized by the nerve-racking videos, which boast more than 253 million views on TikTok thus far and all come stamped with a safety warning.

The actions in this video are performed by professionals or supervised by professionals. It’s warning for TikTok users, do not attempt.

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