The latest software update from Apple, iOS 14, has given iPhone users a brand new privacy feature which shows when apps could be spying on you. With so much of our lives interconnected with our mobile phones, digital privacy has never been more important than right now.

What does an orange light mean?

The orange light was introduced with the iOS 14 update, as part of the new privacy features. The orange light, found at the top of your screen, is actually a recording indicator. It will light up whenever an app is using your microphone, so if recording a voice note or using Siri.

A green light is a camera indicator, which appears whenever an app is using your front camera, so you’ll see it light up when using Face ID, FaceTime or taking a selfie.

Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Apple, it’s also one of our core values. Your devices are important to so many parts of your life. What you share from those experiences, and who you share it with, should be up to you. We design Apple products to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. It’s not always easy. But that’s the kind of innovation we believe in.

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These lights also mean that users can keep an eye on which apps are using these functions, whereas previously it was more hidden.

Some iPhone users have expressed their concerns on social media about certain apps that have triggered the orange light without the user recording anything themselves.

TikTok is one of the app that has been mentioned, with users saying the orange light appears when they open the app and disappears when they close it.

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