TikTok CEO

ByteDance Cuts Domestic Engineers Data Access to TikTok

When ByteDance, the Chinese internet giant and app powerhouse behind TikTok, Douyin and Toutiao, announced in March that it is

Ban TikTok India

Amidst Boycott China: Government of India Makes Official TiKTok Account

While the Indian app users busy themselves trying to rid their phone of China-made apps and a certain ByteDance app,

TikTok Death BlackLivesMatter

TikTok Serves As Hub for #BlackLivesMatter Activism

TikTok users of color and their allies are using the #blacklivesmatter hashtag on the app for social advocacy, providing tips

TikTok Death ByteDance CEO

TikTok Owner ByteDance Moves to Shift Power Out of China

TikTok’s poaching of Disney’s Kevin Mayer to be its CEO was just the most visible part of a broader strategy