Dangerous social media challenges have resulted in injury and even death, including a new one called The Whoosh Bottle challenge that sent a Connecticut boy to the hospital.

People pour rubbing alcohol into a plastic jug and then light it on fire

The whoosh bottle experiment involves flammable vapors combusting in a five-gallon water jug. The TikTok challenge went viral because when the vapor inside the jug becomes ignited, it makes a loud whoosh sound.

Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Charles Miller says parents need to know these challenges exist and warn their kids about the dangers.

Open a line of communication with your children to talk about these experiments and what they are seeing on TikTok because talking to them will hopefully be able to reduce these incidences.

Charles Miller – Deputy Chief Fire Marshall, East Haven Fire Department

Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli reminds the public that fire is not a toy, and this incident could have led to a fatality or a major house fire, particularly in combination with alcohol, which can act as an accelerant.

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