Gujrat – Pakistan: A police constable named Hassan Shahzad, 26 residents of Bhagowal villagedied when his own pistol accidentally went off seriously injuring him.

Two university girls among friend group

The incident took place in Gujrat city of Pakistan when the police constable went on a tour with three of his friends including two girls of the University of Gujrat. The deceased was shot when the girl was handling the weapon while she was recording a TikTok video.

Police investigations have revealed that in the moving car one of the girls took the cop’s official pistol and began making a video on TikTok. The cop tried to stop the girl but she went on playing with the weapon during which it went off and a bullet hit the cop in the head.

Three held over cops death during TikTok recording

The three suspects fled the scene leaving the victim behind. Shahzad was found lying injured in a car near Biyowali area along Jalalpur Jattan road. Police later reached the site and admitted the policeman to Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching Hospital where he died during the treatment. Shahzad’s body was handed over to his family after the postmortem examination.

When they were about to return to the university, one of the two girls took the policeman’s pistol and started shooting the video. As Shahzad tried to snatch his pistol back the pistol went off and the bullet hit the cop.

Police Officer

Picnic turns into tragedy

The slain policemen and his close friend Waleed picked up the two girls from their university campus on Thursday evening. Later all four of them went to Lahore and spent the night there.

Police have arrested the cop’s three friends including two girl students. The three accused have been identified as Muhammad Waleed, Laiba Zahid and Raeesa Javed. Police traced the accused after going through the call details records of Shazhad phone.

Source: Times Now

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