Capitán Bermúdez – Argentina: A 12-year-old Argentina girl died after attempting the deadly blackout challenge popular on TikTok. The incident took place on January 13 in the city of Capitan Bermudez, Bermudez, Santa Fe Province, Argentina.

The girl, Milagros Soto, was found dead in her home after allegedly attempting the chocking challenge. Milagros Soto had successfully attempted the challenge twice before, but is believed to have died on her third attempt.

No one wanted her at school because she was pretty with blond hair

The girl had received a WhatsApp message from someone along with a link to the challenge after she had been bullied at school. I believe someone encouraged her to do it. She suffered a lot with bullying. We are inconsolable because we gave her so much love

Laura Luque – Milagros Soto’s Aunt

Police are investigating the blackout challenge incident

investigation authorities have since launched a probe to try and get to the bottom of the death. The community was devastated over little Soto’s loss.

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