A young boy has committed suicide this week, and the Daily Mail report that it may have been linked to a social media trend called the Jonathan Galindo challenge.

Fears are spreading over the rise of a disturbing trend

The challenge has seen the rise of a fictional internet character called Jonathan Galindo, who looks like a scary dog and wears a dark hood, and asks children to perform dangerous acts, even including suicide.

Don’t interact with anything related to the challenge and report immediately

If you see any indication of the Jonathan Galindo challenge existing on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok, we urge you not to take part in or have any contact with the challenge and report the profile immediately.

Like many other online dangerous trends such as the Blue Whale Challenge, this new trend forces people to complete activities that could have serious harmful consequences, even sometimes resulting in death.

Such challenges are often regarded as a new form of cyber-bullying which is extremely concerning, and we must stop the challenge from gaining any type of traction online.

If any administrators of the Jonathan Galindo Challenge contact you, please do not reply and report the account immediately.

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