Andhra Pradesh – India: The craze for posting on TikTok app has claimed yet another life this time in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Suvartha had the habit of making TikTok videos but her husband was unhappy over this. Her husband was also doubting her fidelity.

Siddala Chinna Nasaraiah and his wife Gorrapati Suvartha working as salespersons in a leading private company had married five years ago and they had a two-year-old daughter. The couple used to fight regularly as he suspected her of having an affair. He also objected to her posting videos on the social media video app. Following frequent fights Suvartha left the home along with their two-year-old daughter. She left the child at her parent home and started living in a hostel located Sattenapalli town in Guntur district.

Man killed her wife with the help of younger brother

She reportedly continued to post TikTok videos, further angering her husband. She returned to her husband home on November 14. Three days later on November 17 Nasaraiah along with his younger brother Chinna Venkaiah strangulated her with a piece of cloth. Later they carried the body to a cremation ground on his bike where it was burnt.

Police began an investigation the following day after the charred body of an unknown person was found. During investigation police checked the CCTV footage at a local petrol pump which showed Nasaraiah buying petrol in a bottle on the night of the incident. Following this the accused was detained for questioning. During interrogation he confessed to the crime. Nasaraiah was taken into custody and charged with murder. His brother too was arrested.

Siddala Chinna Nasaraiah strangulated his wife Gorrapati Suvartha (19) and later burnt her body in a cremation ground in Potluru village of Savalyapuram block in Guntur district.


Police took up the investigation after complaints that an unknown person was burnt. The investigators identified the victim from ornaments. The CCTV footage at the local petrol pump revealed that Nasaraiah was the only one to buy petrol in a bottle on the night of November 17. They grilled the accused, who confessed to the crime. His brother was also arrested.

Source: International Business Times

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