Orlando – Florida (US): Doctors have a warning for parents of teens when it comes to TikTok challenges.

Dr. Jenna Wheeler, a pediatric critical care physician for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, said more teenagers are showing up to the hospital with serious injuries after attempting Whoosh Bottle challenge they’ve seen on TikTok.

Some teens received serious injuries from online challenges

Recently we saw a child who doused himself with rubbing alcohol and then lit himself on fire, the premise being that the alcohol would burn off before the fire touches you, but it doesn’t. It definitely can cause permanent damage, you know the same way that Benadryl can be fatal.

Dr. Jenna Wheeler – Physician Arnold Palmer Hospital

The doctor said her team has had to care for young patients with serious burns because of that challenge. She urges teens to pause and consider the dangers that come with any challenge they may see online.

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