TikTok is updating it’s #ForYou Page algorithm to prevent users from watching similar videos that could be harmful when appeared in suggestion. The objective is to control users video clusters that might “reinforce a negative personal experience,” listing extreme dieting, sadness, and breakup content.

TikTok is finding ways to break up clusters of harmful content, like dieting and breakup videos

At TikTok, we recognize that too much of anything, whether it’s animals, fitness tips, or personal well-being journeys, doesn’t fit with the diverse discovery experience we aim to create.

TikTok Statement

TikTok’s recommendations algorithm has been the subject of scrutiny

TikTok also working on features that would allow users to customize prohibited content. Users would be able to select hashtags and keywords related to content that they don’t want to view on their ForYou feed page. Users already have the option to signal they’re not interested in a video, and TikTok says similar content will be shown less often.

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