A new trend of filing your teeth with a nail file has dentists concerned. One of the latest beauty tricks users are sharing sees people filing their teeth down with a nail file to help them appear more even.

Dentists are warning parents about a new trend among teens and young adults on TikTok. The Molar Makeover is a viral challenge where people are taking nail files to shave down their teeth.

Dr. Jeff Trembley with Smile on Nashville explained why no one should be doing this challenge.

If the particle size you’re using to sand the teeth down is too large it can create a decay process that’s going to Haunt you for a long time. The enamel is the protective shell over the teeth and the enamel is the hardest thing the body makes and removing that indiscriminately…even if it’s just a little bit can certainly lead to more sensitivity. I see patients whether it’s trying to pull their own teeth or use materials such as super glue to replace old crowns and in the end, it creates a little but more work for us.

Dr. Jeff Trembley

That’s just one of the consequences of this online trend of filing your teeth with a nail file. Trembly said he’s unfortunately seen several patients try to play dentist and end up in his chair.

It can lead to loss of protective enamel that coats the surface of the teeth, and eventually lead to exposure of the nerve, which can be incredibly painful and could even end up requiring root canals and crowns. Once the enamel is gone, there is no way to get it back.

Dr Richard Marques – UK

It’s not just dentistry, some people doing their own orthodontics. There are several videos on YouTube of people showing how you can shift your teeth with rubber bands.

There is more than just the teeth you’re dealing with. There is speech, there is ligaments, there is blood vessels, so especially in terms of trying to move the teeth with rubber bands I would not recommend that. The cheapest dentistry is that which is done right the first time. One person may get it right and not have a lot of consequences of it but the next person may not.

Dr. Trembley added

Tremblay suggests that you skip at home procedures and seek a professional. Most of the time if you do something at home, you’re going end up in their chair anyway and it will leave you spending even more money to get it fixed.

Professor Damien Walmsley, British Dental Association’s (BDA) scientific adviser echoed the warnings that filing your teeth with a nail file can permanently damage the structure of your teeth, and possibly make it more prone to tooth decay.

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