Amanda Holden TikTok injury

Amanda Holden Injures Her Hand Performing TikTok Dance

UK: Amanda Holden was left clutching her hand in agony when she was attempted to perform a viral TikTok dance

TikTok injury moving train

Youngster Suffers Burn Injuries While Trying to Shoot TikTok Video on Train

Bengaluru – India: A 22-year-old youth tried to shoot a TikTok video on a slow moving goods train at KSR

PE Edward TikTok injury

Pip Edwards Sustains an Eye Injury While Shooting TikTok Video

Australia: Fashion designer Pip Edwards suffered a nasty injury while on set of a P.E Nation photo shoot. The 40-year-old businesswoman was filming

Mum breaks ankles

Mum Breaks Ankles Trying Popular Oh Na Na TikTok Dance Challenge

Durham – United Kingdom: A mum-of-two has broken both of her ankles and torn her ligaments whilst trying to attempt

Margie Naatz TikTok injury

Margie Naatz Fell and Hurt While Helping Boyfriend For TikTok

Chicago – United State: A 34-year-old Margie Naatz at her home in New Lenox on Wednesday was helping her boyfriend make