East Haven – Connecticut (US): Another dangerous TikTok challenge called The Whoosh Bottle Experiment that sent a Connecticut boy to the hospital is enforcing children to play with fire.

A boy 12, from East Haven, Connecticut, was hospitalized with severe burns on Tuesday while attempting a popular but seriously dangerous TikTok challenge.

The experiment, which is sweeping across TikTok, involves people pouring rubbing alcohol into a plastic jug then lighting it on fire. When ignited, it makes a whoosh sound.

A teenager was badly burned Dec. 28 while imitating the TikTok experiment. He is being treated at the Bridgeport Hospital Burn Center for severe injuries.

The East Haven Fire Department

East Haven fire officials issued a warning to parents after firefighters responded to a call on Tuesday night that someone had been burned.

The fire department plans to work with East Haven Public Schools to warn kids of the potential dangers associated with fire and this latest social media challenge.

Parents need to know these challenges exist and warn their kids about the dangers. Take a few minutes to talk to your children about the dangers of playing with ignitable liquids and matches and monitor what they are watching. This experiment when done incorrectly can cause severe burns that can permanently scar an individual.

Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Charles Miller says

Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli said that the child’s experiment could have led to a fatality, as well as a major fire in the house.

The whoosh bottle experiment involves flammable vapors combusting in a five-gallon water jug. The TikTok challenge went viral because when the vapor inside the jug becomes ignited, it makes a loud whoosh sound.

Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli reminds the public that fire is not a toy, and this incident could have led to a fatality or a major house fire, particularly in combination with alcohol, which can act as an accelerant.

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