Vabbing is the latest crazy trend on TikTok. Vabbing is a portmanteau of vagina and dabbing that refers to people using vaginal fluid as perfume. Vab is using natural body fluids specifically vaginal discharge and secretions as perfume, dabbing it behind your ears and on your wrists where people usually wear fragrance.

Vabbing hashtag have more than 2.5 million views

The idea came from TikToker Mandy Lee, who insisted it increased her success in attracting men. She’s since deleted the original post, but others have followed in her stead. Vabbing has been touted by TikTokers as a more effective form of using pheromones to attract partners than purchasing perfumes.

TikTok users claim that using your natural aroma can lead to all sorts of romantic magic because of the pheromones emitted from it, and a quick scroll through the hashtags #vabbing and #vabbingtrend reveals both firsthand trial videos and stitch videos of other users who can’t believe such a thing exists. One of the most popular videos comes via user jewlieah, who tried vabbing at the gym and claimed it worked for her, and has since made many videos about the phenomenon.

How does vabbing works?

Vabbing is premised on the science of pheromones, a form of communication that emphasis on communicating via smell. Bodily secretions such as vaginal fluids contain pheromones that can convey a range of information about a person, including their genetic makeups. In the animal kingdom, different pheromones can do different things, such as incite a behavioral response.

While pheromones play an important role in how animals communicate with each other, research is divided as to whether pheromones play a significant role in sexual and romantic compatibility for humans. The science is inconclusive as to whether humans can sense pheromones, and if this has any impact on dating or sexual behavior.

There’s no scientific research to back up these seductive claims

There is no science behind the concept of using vaginal secretions as a fragrance to attract a partner. There is little scientific evidence to support that pheromones work for human attraction the way they do for some animals, and vabbing as a practice has not really been studied.

Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton – Dermatologist New York

While several people have tried and documented their vabbing experiences. They claim it has helped them have hotter sex and flirty interactions. Dr. Gohara doesn’t necessarily recommend using your vaginal fluids as fragrance.

If you’re going to try it, there are a few best practices to follow. I would definitely recommend that one makes sure that their vaginal health is in check before doing this to ensure that there is no infection that could spread. Washing your hands before and after the harvesting process so that, to put it politely, you do not spread the wealth on communal surfaces at work or play.

Dr. Gohara

Vabbing has been criticized as an act of desperation

Vabbing is also seen as another tool of patriarchal oppression in which women are taught to value their self-worth by their ability to sexually attract men. While some may mock the trend of vabbing, take it as ironic, or argue it does not work, it nevertheless indicates the vulva and vagina and their functions are now out and proud.

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