Milan – Italy: TikTok had agreed with Italian authorities to block all users who gave their age as under 13, among other measures, after the death of a 10-year-old girl was blamed on a breath-holding social media challenge.

Prosecutors in Palermo are investigating that case, which has led to increased scrutiny of children’s use of social media platforms.

TikTok will detect underage account using artificial intelligence

The Italian regulator said TikTok had agreed to block all accounts in Italy from Feb. 9, and to readmit only users who provided a date of birth showing they were at least 13 years old.

TikTok would also introduce a button into the app to enable members to report users who appeared to be under 13.

Alexandra Evans – Tiktok Child Safety Head

The regulator said TikTok had also agreed to evaluate using artificial intelligence to detect under-age accounts.

It will, however, have to discuss the proposal with the Irish privacy authority, which is the European Union’s lead data protection authority for TikTok because the firm has its European head office in Ireland.

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