Black content creators on TikTok are declining to make movement for Megan Thee Stallion’s new melody Thot Shit to bring issues to light of what they say is their lopsided impact on the stage and absence of consideration and monetary freedoms contrasted with white makers.

Black dancers on TikTok have said on and off the stage they won’t move to the famous Megan Thee Stallion melody, which has been streamed in excess of 16 million times on Spotify, with the video for the tune getting in excess of 11 million perspectives on YouTube.

Black TikTokers are not credited or compensated for their dance work

For all my melanated brothers and sisters of the African diaspora, we are on strike, we are not making a dance for Thot Shit, we are just going to let them keep flailing. It just shows how much you need us to make a dance.

Capnkenknuckles User

Maker Erick Louis posted a video in which he begins to move to the melody before a subtitle peruses, “Sike. This application would be nothing without blk individuals,” which has now gotten around 128,400 likes on TikTok and 42,800 preferences on Twitter.

We’re being forced to collectively protest. Black people carry the app but do not get [the] real money, power and proper compensation we deserve.


Black TikTok artists have since a long time ago requested clients to credit them on the stage when they duplicate their movement especially given that top TikTok clients advantage monetarily off of their notoriety with 21-year-old TikTok maker Bryan Sanon revealing to BuzzFeed News in 2020,

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