Chennai– India: A 24-year-old bullied man jumped in front of train and committed suicide for dressing up in women outfits. V Kalaiyarasan, a resident of Kannikapuram in Vyasarpadi a northern suburb in Chennai used to release videos of himself on TikTok app.

He was bullied and ridiculed by his friends and strangers over social media for dressing up in women attires.

We retrieved his body but did not find his phone on him. Enquiry with family members revealed that Kalaiyarasan was under distress for being teased by his followers on the app over his videos in women’s costumes. Many of his followers ridiculed him, calling him a transgender and a eunuch.

Senior Police Officer

One of Kalaiyarasan’s neighbours, K Vimala, said he was very disturbed at the backlash and the harsh criticism.

I cannot be cowed down by those who tease. Despite the fact that I have uploaded many male role videos why the haters are hurting me ruthlessly when I am posing as a woman.

Kalaiyarasan Last Video

The police said Kalaiyarasan was also scolded by his family members for uploading such videos. After seeing his videos, several people known to his family reported about him to his parents.

We are examining his TikTok account. Some of his friends are being questioned as well.

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