TikTok has updated its community guidelines so that people who have had their videos removed from the platform will now be informed the reason behind it.

For the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with a new notification system to bring creators more clarity around content removals. Our goals are to enhance the transparency and education around our Community Guidelines to reduce misunderstandings about content on our platform.


TikTok claimed that its enforcement actions has reduced the rate of repeat violations, and visits to read the company’s Community Guidelines have nearly tripled.

TikTok is now rolling out the change globally

TikTok seen a 14 per cent reduction in appeals from users to reinstate videos. As well as this update, TikTok is detecting content that might be related to self-harm or suicide.

When it does, the company will provide links to specialist organizations, such as Befrienders Worldwide, and a list of frequently-asked-questions to try and direct users to beneficial resources.

In its transparency report  from July, TikTok said that it had removed over 49 million videos in the six months prior. Over a quarter of the videos were taken down for adult nudity and sexual acts, while others were removed for depicting harmful, dangerous, or illegal behavior by minors such as  alcohol or more serious narcotics.

TikTok bans QAnon content

Recently, the company has had to crack down on QAnon-related content, banning accounts that promote the conspiracy theory and making it harder to find that content across search and hashtags.

Content and accounts that promote QAnon violate our disinformation policy and we remove them from our platform.

TikTok Spokesperson

The QAnon conspiracy theory states that president Donald Trump is fighting a Satan-worshipping cabal of pedophiles who are plotting to enslave the world. TikTok is also taking a stronger stance against anti-Semitic and Islamophobic content, removing videos and hashtags that spreads misinformation and hurtful stereotypes.

Being transparent with our community is key to continuing to earn and maintain trust. We’re glad to be able to bring this new notification system to all our users, and we’ll keep working to improve the ways we help our community understand our policies as we continue to build a safe and supportive platform.

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