TikTok users using Android platform in the UK and US are spending more time on TikTok than on YouTube, App Annie report suggests. Data from app analytical firm App Annie show that users average time spent on TikTok is higher than YouTube.

Analytics show users high levels of engagement with TikTok app

App Annie described the app as upended the streaming and social landscape while YouTube is still leading the world over users time spent and number of downloads.

TikTok came out on top in April 2021

Recently TikTok surpassed YouTube in UK while in the US, TikTok and YouTube had a close competition in 2020. TikTok is also ranked as the most-installed app globally since 2020. Social media apps are also investing money on creators, TikTok also leading the race of spent money on creators.

TikTok app first overtook YouTube in August last year, and as of June 2021 its users watched over 24 hours of content per month, compared with 22 hours and 40 minutes on Google’s video platform. In the UK the difference is even more stark: TikTok overtook YouTube in May last year and users there now reportedly watch almost 26 hours of content a month, compared to less than 16 on YouTube.

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