TikTok is working on a new Nearby feed that is designed to show even more specific and personalized local content to the users. The new feature is being tested with selected users in Southeast Asia with limited scope. Users who are part of the limited test will see the new feed tab displayed alongside the Following and For You feeds on the app’s homepage.

We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience. The Nearby feed may only show videos that have location tags or the feed can even run without the location tags. It may change before an official launch or perhaps be scraped altogether.

TikTok Spokesperson

TikTok already has a name for its recommendation algorithm, and the addition of a Nearby feed would give it the ability to display even more targeted and relevant content to its users.

The new feed on TikTok paired with the app’s recommendation algorithm will catch up in time with Instagram’s new feature of a searchable map and Snapchat’s Snap Map and all three will give users all around the world a better way to find the local content and find the places which are nearby in a much easier way. All three features will work in collaboration to give convenience to the users on TikTok.

The new Nearby feed feature would open up several new possibilities for the app and also have the potential to impact platforms like TripAdvisor and Google.

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