The blockchain-based music streaming platform has announced that they have signed a partnership with TikTok and becomes the first streaming service to sign a deal with the social media app.

Any artist can take a song they already have on Audius and just export it over to TikTok in one click. Teenagers producing in their bedrooms might not even have distributors. A common way that unsigned artists get their stuff up there right now is by holding their phone up to a laptop while it plays their song, and they add it as background music. It’s not great.

Forrest Browning – Audius CEO

TikTok’s potential for breaking artists into mainstream consciousness is undeniable. Many artists have become popular with the help of TikTok algorithm, like rapper Lil Nas X that’s why every artists releasing music now wants to be on TikTok. A survey from TikTok showed that the majority of its U.S. users, discover new music and artists by using the platform.

Audius artists can now integrate songs directly to TikTok

A very big step forward with this new feature. Having the ability to share my uploads straight from Audius to TikTok is a real time saver.


With this deal, Audius users can now integrate their music directly into the TikTok sounds library. TikTok is an ideal platform for youngsters to expose and promote their talent. TikTok’s algorithm helps new talent to get number of views in a short time duration enabling app recommendation system. It is also user friendly and has light weight streaming service as compared to other social media platforms.

In our view, we are far more pro-artist than the other streaming options out there right now. We love the cross pollination of stick it on Audius and then go to TikTok. While I can understand the Spotify business model, they probably don’t want folks going to TikTok from a monetization perspective. But we don’t really care where your listens are coming from or what we help enable; we’re just here to get as many ears on your track as possible.


The partnership will enable users to upload their talent on the streaming service and directly export to TikTok. Audius is also focusing on the app monetization to help the artists. No matter how big they get, the co-founders aim to keep their startup spirit alive, stressing that they’re not here to play hardball.

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