Amazon announced today that TikTok app is now available on Amazon Fire TV for users in the U.S. and Canada. The app is also coming soon to Echo Show devices.

After downloading TikTok from the Fire TV App store, users can log in to their TikTok account, or create one if they aren’t already on the app. Then, like other mobile app, users can browse TikTok feeds like following, for you and the discover page. On the app itself, you have to manually scroll to view the next video clip, but the Fire TV app has auto play, so you won’t have to press a button on your remote or tell Alexa to play the next video every few seconds.

TikTok’s update to support longer videos this summer, making its app accessible on TVs is yet another show of competition with YouTube, which created YouTube Shorts as a TikTok competitor earlier this year.

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