TikTok has announced a new live-stream feature will be added to it’s TikTok platform for content creators and viewers. The new add-on will facilitate scheduled events, co-hosts, picture-in-picture and live Q&A’s session for both iOS and Android users. It’s part of the company’s strategy to provide latest functionality to create and watch live videos.

This feature had already become available in the U.S. Canada, Australia and New Zealand but is now testing in other global markets. The top live categories to date included chat, Q&A, gaming, talents, fashion and daily life.


TikTok is also working on discovery and viewing tools

The live-stream feature will include the ability to go live with events, host Q&As, use moderators and improved keyword filters etc. that will definitely help platforms to compete with other platforms like Instagram Live.

TikToker can schedule and promote their event in advance to build anticipation, while fans can discover, register, and then get notifications and reminders when the live event is about to begin.

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