TikTok will now automatically remove obscene content from its platform. TikTok is now introducing a new feature that will block videos that violate the company’s policies and guidelines. The content related to violence, graphic content, nudity, sex, illegal activity will be removed from the app immediately.

Currently the company is going to start using automated reviewing systems in the US and Canada, to weed out videos with nudity, violence, graphic content, illegal activities, and violations of its minor safety policy.

TikTok will inform the users about the content

The user will be informed about the violation who can appeal to the company to review its decision. Currently, all the videos uploaded to TikTok pass through automated tools that recognize and flag any potential violations which are then reviewed by a safety team member.

It will not only remove the user experience but also rid the entertainment platform of videos that are not appropriate or are distressing. If there is content related to minor safety, nudity, sexual activities, illegal activities and regulated goods, the videos will be yanked immediately. In case, any violated content found, the video is removed and the user is notified.


The company said this will help its safety team to concentrate more on highly contextual and nuanced areas, such as bullying and harassment.

Furthermore, TikTok also added it will send a warning in the app upon first violation. However, repeated violations will result in the user being notified and the account permanently removed.

Earlier, the changes have come under fire for amplifying hate speech and misinformation globally across their platforms including Facebook and TikTok.

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